Our NC Groups are currently winding down for the summer.  Groups will be back with a revamped structure in the fall.  Until then we'd love to get you connected with some ministries going on this summer.  Below is a bit of information about our groups philosophy and some ways you can helps us build this year.


NC Groups are the core of who we are as a church body.  We see groups as one of the most important ways you can EXPAND your faith life at New Community.  These groups meet to share life together, learn and grow in biblical understanding, and learn to serve the community and the church.  We have groups that meet weekly, monthly, twice monthly, etc.  We have groups based on certain topics, social circles, special interests, families, and more.  We know that small groups can be intimidating and our vision is that life lived in community can look a lot less formal and obligatory than we've made it look.  We also have study groups that have more of a classroom atmosphere that are great for getting your feet wet in a new community.  If you're looking for a place to connect, you're ready to host or facilitate a group, or you just want some more information, click the button below.

Let's get ready to ramp up another great of year of small groups this August!

Thanks for your interest in NC Groups.

- Pastor Chris Pahls