At New Community, we exist to love people like Jesus and impact the community. When you join us for one of our two worship celebrations on Sunday’s (9:00am & 10:45am) it can be intimidating if you are new. We totally understand that and hopefully this Worship Guide will make you a little more at ease! Will I feel weird? What about my kids? What can I expect to experience at New Community’s Sunday celebrations? Read the content below and we hope to see on Sunday (or we are glad you came today)!


What Should I Expect on Sundays?

  • There is programming available for your children (Nursery-5th Grade)
  • The band will play 3 - 4 songs and the music is loud, passionate and has scripture woven throughout.
  • We have a 5 minute Community Time built into the celebration to get to know someone new.
  • We participate in communion every week accompanied by a scripture based meditation.
  • One of our pastors will provide a biblical teaching for 25-35 minutes.
  • Tithes and offerings are accepted at the black box located at Connection Point before, after and during the celebration.
  • If this is your first or second time visiting New Community, please fill out a Connection Card located on the bottom of your bulletin and drop it off in the offering, or fill out a connection card on our NC App.


Why Do You Call It A Celebration And Not A Service?

We believe we shouldn’t be coming simply to be served on Sunday mornings. We should be coming to celebrate the greatness of our God with others!  We believe that our worship should extend all week, not just on Sunday morning.


What Should I Wear?

Clothes are a good start!  You should come as you are and wear whatever makes you comfortable as you engage in worship with your church family.  We don’t care what you wear, we care about walking out faith with you.

How We Do Communion

We believe it’s important for our church body to take time every Sunday to reflect, center ourselves and focus on Jesus. We do this because of the incredible sacrifice that was paid on the cross. It’s something to celebrate! So every Sunday our pastors or elders will give a communion meditation to help us get focused on the cross. Then, we partake in the communion elements. We engage in the elements of communion a little differently each week. Sometimes we pass a tray, sometimes we employ other methods.  We don’t ask that you fly your flag here at New Community to participate; we only ask that you are believer in Jesus Christ.

What Is Community Time?

Community Time is piece of our celebrations set aside to get up out of our seats and connect. During this time, we encourage you to get out of your seat, get some info at Connection Point, or grab a cup of coffee, but more importantly, connect with another human being. It’s also a great time to continue your worship in your tithes and offerings.  The purpose of Community Time is to engage with one another, meet someone new and have meaningful conversations.