We are a church filled with broken, imperfect people striving to love like Jesus and live like Jesus in community. Here, you'll find a welcoming, warm, and honest group of real people exploring, expanding, and extending their faith and growing closer to Jesus and His church, relationally.


We are a group of real people with real faith and real lives striving to LOVE LIKE JESUS and LIVE LIKE JESUS.  We know that real life happens and we believe that we weren't designed to do it alone. Everything we do as a church is designed for togetherness.  We worship together, we grow together, and we want you to be a part of it!  Maybe you aren't a believer in Jesus. Don't worry, we welcome your questions and we'd love to tell why we follow Him. At NCCC, we want to help you EXPLORE, EXPAND, and EXTEND your faith with a community of believers.  We call this 3E.


At New Community, we use 3 E's: Explore, Expand, and Extend to outline the cyclical behavior of followers of Jesus. We believe that we can help you constantly EXPLORE, EXPAND, and EXTEND your faith here as a worshipper, disciple, steward, servant, and witness. We'd love to walk this adventure with you. We have outlined a few steps for you to take as you get started here. Make you sure you check out our Starting Point for new guests and Next Steps for those that want to learn more about why we do what we do. These introductory events are designed to get you the information you need to make sure New Community is a good fit for you and your family, whether you're considering following Jesus for the first time or you have been for years. These events take place regularly throughout the year and you'll find info about them in our bulletin, here on the website, or in our NC App.  


New Community seeks God's guidance to impact our world with the message of Christ by celebrating His love,
maturing His people and embracing all who come.


Join us on Sunday and take your first step into a new community.