Study Resources

Let's be honest, studying the Bible can be a difficult task.  Here are a few resources that we think have tremendous value when it comes to studying the word with accuracy and understanding.  These are great for personal study and small group study. All of these resources are free.

The Bible Project

The Bible Project is a Portland based non-profit that utilizes short-form, fully animated videos to make the biblical story accessible to everyone, everywhere. They want to change how people read and use the Bible. Their mission is to help people see the Bible as a unified story that leads to Jesus.

The daily reading plan includes a reading of the entire Bible in one year and a daily prayer through the Psalms.

Their partner app ReadScripture is available on mobile platforms.

Next Level from Ozark Christian College

Ozark Christian College has made several session-based video classes available to the public for personal and group study.  Classes include the Book of John, The Global Mission, How to Read the Bible, Apologetics, The Parables of Jesus, Revelation, and Acts.

Faithlife Study Bible

The Faithlife Study Bible App is a complete study Bible available in a number of translations with a massive library of commentary, notes, images, charts, and other data to give you a better understanding of the Bible and its truth.  The app is available on all mobile platforms and can be incorporated for desktop applications as well.