We believe a great way to grow in your faith journey is to find a place to serve and jump in. We all have gifts that can be used to serve the Kingdom. We also believe every follower of Jesus is an essential part of the body of believers (1 Cor 12:12-27). You'll find some descriptions of ministries available to serve in here at New Community, but these aren't the only places to be useful. Take a look at what opportunities and service needs are currently available and let us know about anything you're interested in. We'd love to help you find the best place to practice your gifts. 

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Immediate openings


  • Short Term Small Group Leaders - Leaders for 4-8wk or 1 Semester Groups focused on sharing a meal and creating friendships and/or special interest groups (BBQ Group, Cooking Group, Men's Underwater Basket Weaving Group, Etc.) for the Spring semester

  • Long Term Small Group Leaders

  • NC Kids/Preschool Volunteers - Teachers, classroom helpers, check-in help.

  • Coffee Team Team - Volunteers make the coffee we enjoy every Sunday on a rotational basis.

  • Chair Set Up Team - Volunteers set up the chairs we sit in every Sunday morning on a rotational basis.

  • Cleaning Team - Volunteers clean the top of level of our building for use on Sunday on a rotational basis. You’ll be scheduled only a few times a year.

  • Shuttle Team - Many of our Sunday morning volunteers park off-site to allow more parking spaces at the building. Shuttle drivers make this possible.

  • Worship Team - Musicians and technicians to be a part of our worship ministries on Sundays and more. Includes running sound, video, and computer equipment (with training), singing or playing an instrument.


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Building & Maintenance Team - General building maintenance (light bulbs, AC filters, plumbing...) and repairs - Various times as needed. 

Cleaning Team - Cleans building in preparation for Sunday worship gatherings - 1.5 hrs - 2-3 Weekends/year

Grounds Team - Maintains church grounds and landscaping - Seasonal mowing rotation.

Transportation Team - Maintain church vehicles for safe operation and use for various ministries - Various times and serving opportunities.


High School - Engaging our 9th - 12th grade students with weekly NC Youth gatherings - 1.5hrs/week - Wednesdays

Middle School - Engaging our 6 - 8th grade students with weekly NC Youth gatherings - 1.5hrs/week - Wednesdays

NC Kids - Fun and engaging curriculum with our K - 5th grade students - 1.5 hrs/month - Sundays

NC Preschool - Fun and engaging curriculum and worship with our 3-4yo students - 1.5 hrs/month - Sundays

NC Nursery - Caring for our infants-2yo children during Sunday worship gatherings - 1.5 hrs/month - Sundays

Worship Gatherings & Connections

Worship Team - Instrumentalists, singers, and musicians leading worship through music - Thursdays, Sundays & various special events.

Tech Team - Sound, production, and camera technicians for various services - Thursdays, Sundays & various special events.

Communion/Ushers - Preps and serves communion for worship gatherings. 1.5 hrs/month - Sundays

Greeter Team - Creates a warm, welcoming, and exciting environment with an emphasis on new guest hospitality - 1.5hrs/month - Sundays

Shuttle Team - Drives our shuttles for off-site volunteer parking on Sunday mornings. 2 hrs/month - Sunday mornings


Group Leaders/Hosts - Host and facilitate communities that focus on fellowship, Bible study, or special interests (BBQ, Cooking, Knitting...) to foster community and spiritual growth. Hosting 6-15 people meeting in homes or in the community - Various durations - Weekly, Monthly, 4-8wk Short Term Groups, 1 & 2 Semester Groups. 

Teachers - Bible based/Curriculum based teaching for Short Term Group classes such as Bible 101, Spiritual Disciplines, Financial Peace University... - Various serving opportunities.


Local - Working with ministries in our community, event and outreach planning, and community service projects - 1-time events, various serving capacities.

Global - Planning, equipping, empowering, serving with, and funding missions opportunities locally and abroad - Various serving opportunities. Monthly planning meetings.


Kitchen Team - Maintains, organizes, and stocks kitchen, caters and hosts various events - Various times and serving opportunities. 1.5 hrs/month for Starting Point Lunches

Setup/Tear Down Team - Sets up and tears down tables, chairs, etc. for various events. Various times and serving opportunities. 1.5 hrs/month for Starting Point Lunches & Sunday Gatherings.

Coffee Team - Organizes and operates coffee production and service for worship gatherings - 1.5hrs/month - Sundays

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