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Read through the bible IN A YEAR!

We know reading the Bible can be intimidating. We also know it's vital to our walk of faith. Imagine an entire congregation reading this life-changing text together! Check out the video below for an introduction into how this plan works, pray about it, commit to it with us, and let's grow together. Our plan officially starts on Jan. 7th 2018.

Don't do it alone. We are in this together. Grab a buddy, read with your small group, share this with your family, and let's DO THIS.

This reading plan was created by the guys at The Bible Project and Read Scripture. It's a free resource and, we believe, one of the best available for a generation that desperately needs the truth found in the Bible. The best experience with this plan will be had in the NC App which is available for free in your favorite app store. Just tap the button on the homepage that looks just like the image here. You can also download an analog plan here and follow along.