Real Faith, Real Life Wk. 5

Over the next few weeks, we'll be taking a look at the book of James.  This NT book is a great example for Christian living.  An echo of Jesus's sermon on the mount and a sort of NT proverbs, the book of James serves a great reminder of practical ways to live out our faith in Jesus.  Watch a great overview of the book here.

In this week's message we explore James 4:13-17 & 5:2-6. These aren't passages built for evangelism, but for discipleship.  

We live in a pretty arrogant culture. One in which it’s encouraged to be the best at something and be proud of it. We love a sense of pride. However, we don’t know if we can find a sin in Scripture that God hates more than pride.

Self-centered bragging must be replaced by God-honoring trust. The cure for boasting is belief. Not rags to riches, but riches to rags. The attitude God desires is one that seeks his favor, not the praise of the world.

We are not attached to the things of this earth, we are to be attached to eternal things. We should be consumed with the return of the bridegroom and the new heavens and the new earth. Let’s not argue about this item or this object and whether it’s right to get it, instead lets look at our hearts and ask why we long for these things and why we are acquiring more for ourselves and not for those who are in need.


We should ask ourselves, where is the pride in our lives?

Talk this over with someone this week.  Where can we rely on the sovereignty of God, instead of our own will and plans?